At Bristol Dental Clinic, our caring dental team understands that losing a tooth can be a disappointing and even traumatic experience. Not only can losing a tooth make you feel more embarrassed to smile, but it can also interfere with your ability to eat, chew, and speak properly. We are excited to offer multiple tooth replacement options at our office, including dental bridges. Dental bridges are a fixed (permanent) dental restoration ideal for replacing a single tooth or multiple teeth missing in a row.

There are many types of dental bridges available, but they all work similarly in method. Generally, a bridge is made from two dental crowns and a false tooth known as a pontic. The teeth on either side of the missing gap are prepared to hold the two dental crowns, which will anchor your new tooth in place. Dr. Laban and Dr. Monica Bontrager also offer bridges to replace missing front teeth. We will work with your individual situation to find out which type of dental bridge in Bristol, Florida, will perfectly restore your smile. With dental bridges, no one needs to know you have lost a tooth.

We hope that if you have lost a tooth, or are about to lose a tooth, you will consider contacting our dentists today. We would love to answer your questions and start you on the road to your new smile.