If you have experienced moderate to severe tooth damage or decay, our dentists at Bristol Dental Clinic will most likely recommend repairing the tooth with a dental crown. Dental crowns are caps made to look just like your natural teeth and are used to completely encase the damaged tooth up to your gum line. This restores the size, strength, and shape of a damaged tooth, as well as the attractive aesthetic of it. Drs. Laban and Monica Bontrager may suggest a dental crown in Bristol, Florida, to:

  • Repair a tooth after moderate to severe decay or damage
  • Support a tooth after it has received a large filling or root canal
  • Prevent a cracked tooth from breaking apart
  • Hold a broken tooth together
  • Anchor traditional and cantilever dental bridges

Generally, it only takes two visits to our dental office to design, create, and place your custom dental crown. We first prepare the tooth by gently reshaping it, and then take molds to be sent to a dental laboratory. There, your crown will be fabricated and immediately sent back upon completion. We then invite you back to our office, where we will temporarily place the dental crown on your tooth to make sure it fits before permanently cementing it in place. We will continue to make sure your crown remains in good condition during our routine appointments each year. If you would like to learn more, we welcome you to contact us today.