At Bristol Dental Clinic, we are excited to offer excellent treatment for all of the members of your family, including children. We believe helping children have positive dental experiences is vital to forming good oral hygiene habits and a commitment to oral health. Dr. Laban Bontrager and Dr. Monica Bontrager are both skilled in working with children of all ages. We are also committed in providing parents and guardians with all the information they need about pediatric dentistry in Bristol, Florida, so they can feel confident in the decisions they are making about their child’s oral health.

We recommend bringing in your child for their first visit by their first birthday. This visit will focus on helping your child feel comfortable about visiting our dentists and creating a care plan for the teeth that will soon be growing in. We suggest having your child’s first dental cleaning by the time they are three years old. We have more information available in our office about the growth of baby teeth, how to handle thumb sucking, how to promote a healthy smile in infants, and diet recommendations for children. We encourage you to call our dental office if you have any questions and if you would like more information. We are proud to serve your family and look forward to meeting you. We hope to hear from you soon.